I am a PhD student at Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering at University of Washington, advised by Prof. Yejin Choi.

I earned B.A. in Computer Science and B.A. in Mathematics from Colby College. During my undergraduate studies, I worked on Smart Primer at Stanford University HCI group.

My primary field of study is natural language processing (NLP), focusing on common sense reasoning. Previously, I worked on Human-computer Interaction (HCI) in the healthcare and education fields.


QuizBot: A Dialogue-based Adaptive Learning System for Factual Knowledge

Sherry Ruan, Liwei Jiang, Justin Xu, Bryce Tham, Zhengneng Qiu, Yeshuang Zhu, Elizabeth Murnane, Emma Brunskill, and James A. Landay

CHI: ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, 2019 | Paper | Slides | Video | Press | BibTeX

BookBuddy: Turning Digital Materials to Interactive Second Language Learning Lessons Through a Voice Chatbot

Sherry Ruan, Angelica Willis, Qianyao Xu, Glenn Davis, Liwei Jiang, Emma Brunskill, and James A. Landay

L@S WIP: Proceedings of the Sixth Annual ACM Conference on Learning at Scale, 2019 | Paper | Video | BibTeX


Anne Dinning - Michael Wolf Endowed Regental Fellowship September 2019

University of Washington, Paul G. Allen School First-Year Ph.D. Fellowship

Member of the Phi Beta Kappa Society March 2018

Colby College, elected as a member of Phi Beta Kappa with junior standing

Julius Seelye Bixler Scholar September 2016 | 2017 | 2018

Colby College, top-ranking students as determined by the cumulative academic record, three-time recipient

Honorable Mention of Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling (ICM) February 2018

20th annual Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling (ICM)

Julius Seelye Bixler Scholar September 2017

Colby College, top two students in the sophomore and junior classes

Phi Beta Kappa Summer Research Scholar June 2016

Colby College, summer research stipend

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